रविवार, अप्रैल 11, 2010


Generation gap??? what is it??

is it gap that may be giving you some trouble because of differance in ages between you and your parents, grand parents, teachers or it is some thing that you invent to explain any ideas asnd points of views that differ you elders?

Impudent, agitated, irresponsible, carefree, irrational and narcissistic.
there are some of the titles which we, the members of presents generations hold,
people belonging to older gernerations have a lot of misconception, which are teenagers are cancerned and i want tio make an endeavour to clear some of there misconceptions.

Older generations think thast we teenagers are irresponsible and impodent but we are not ,
we realize what an expectes of us and we do not beliaveshrking our responsibilities.

Another thing which older generations says abouts us, is that we are blindly following western culture and forgetting oue culter and morals are irresponsible part of our beautiful Indian Culture......

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