रविवार, अप्रैल 11, 2010


solitude is in way lovely word. when there is no body elsre there is solitude.

At nighthear the sound of flowing river , chirping og birds ever our heart beats. All this happens in day time as well but we do not hear
Because there are so many people. It means that if you have to hear th e true voicw. You need peace and you need solitude.

we need solitude to hear our selvers to talk to ourselvers, the biographical of great mentell us that all of them thought in solitude.

In such thinking moments our sub-conscious mind, hence the decision taken at such moments are likely to be correct.

Talk to your self in solitude and increase your amaginatve power, Imagine, to the exteme. Remember that by imaginating every thing becomes more valuable. Do not ever see what is there, see what can be there for this is very good investment but you have to give time for it. For example the land which you purchased for Rs. 22000 ten years ago is now worth Rs. 28 lakhs. iyt is not a miracle of imagination which has foreseen ang anticipated the fature rise in the price of its real state.

Leave time for your leisure and pleasure. Give time to you hobbies, family and friends. By doing this, a busy man can also become a happy man other wise he will be busy but unhappy all the same....

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