रविवार, अप्रैल 11, 2010

A minute can change your destiny

Time exists, hence we exist, In our practical life we do not realize its true value,
However the truth is that a minute can change your life destiny.

Why does an astrologer want to know your accurate time. If there is a slight error in birth time there may be a severe error in the predication of the native chart i.e. kundli..

This happened with Goswami Tulsi Das. His father was a renowned astrologer .
However due to an error in birth time, he predicted that Tulsi DAs would be a wicked and unfortunate. what was the truth every one knows.

Minutes are important not only in the preparation of native charts but also in building the castles. If you take carfe of the minute, hours will take care of themselves. So treat every minute as a brick, with which you build the castly of your DREAM...

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